Paediatric Dermatology

As the name suggests Paediatric Dermatology deals with dermatological or skin problems in children. This is a specialist branch of pediatric medicine that concentrates on skin disorders and diseases that occur in children. Although these same complaints may manifest themselves in adults the treatment may differ considerably when dealing with a skin problem in childhood.
There are several reasons why physicians often need to be specialists in pediatric dermatology in order to deal with skin disorders in children as opposed to adults.

Perhaps the major difference between adult and child skin problems is that a child’s body has not yet finished growing and changing and therefore creates challenges for a dermatologist that often requires a more specialised knowledge in relation to how these problems affect children.

A child’s skin also has several distinct differences from adult skin, one of the most obvious being that in general, and especially in the facial area, it is much thinner and much softer than in an adult and therefore requires a different approach when it comes to treatment.

Another reason why paediatric dermatology differs from the adult variant is that many drugs and creams used to treat skin disorders and diseases in adults are not suitable for use on children’s skin and therefore expert knowledge is required in order to know the most suitable course of treatment.

It is also important that an expert have the experience in order to judge complex issues such as if a child will simply “grow out” of a skin condition with the passage of time and on going biological changes that accompany the growth of a child into an adult.

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