Finding work in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a wide and varied field to work in. With many different specialisms available as well, there are plenty of jobs and specialist roles available to the right candidates.

Whether you want to just work behind the counter of your local pharmacy, or want one of the top Pharmacy Manager Jobs, there are a few things you should consider first. Whether its location, working for various companies in a variety of positions, or simply putting your pharmaceutical knowledge and experience to good use, this is an industry that can be surprisingly large when you consider all the work that goes into making modern pharmacy a possibility.


On the commercial end, working in the pharmacies themselves, there is a much greater freedom in terms of location. Pharmacies can be found anywhere and everywhere and, as a result, there will always be a need for skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists.

These local roles will vary, from simply working in the store to managing the business. Of course, a strong knowledge of some form of pharmacy will be required. The roles found here may require you to prepare medications and give pharmaceutical advice to the public.

On the other end of the scale, however, you may wish to work in a regional position or an industrial position. These larger companies and over-head management positions are often based in regional or national headquarters. To this end, your choices in terms of locations may be restricted to large areas of commerce and busy towns and cities, although these positions often have other benefits that make up for this lack of choice.

A range of Companies

As already mentioned, there is a large choice of where to work in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many private pharmaceutical companies that create and research the drugs, beauty products and medical products. All of these products will involve some sort of pharmacist or pharmaceutical knowledge during their production processes. This is an ever growing industry that can always utilise new talent and knowledge.

Even when working for local pharmacies, there are plenty of roles. Whether you want to be a manager, a dispensing assistant or work in a clinic environment, there are plenty of positions where a strong medical or pharmaceutical background can be put to use.

Gaining Advice

Of course, since this is quite a complex market, it can sometimes be hard knowing where to start when thinking about your career choice. To this end, it is always advisable to seek advice from an external pharmacy organisation or job board. These organisations will be able to better advise you. For example, they can better assess your experience and qualifications in the industry.

Depending on this, you will better know which jobs you can apply for, and what experience you might need to gain before applying for other jobs.

If you have a passion and relevant qualifications in the pharmaceutical sector, and are looking for related work, then there is considerable more choice than many may have first realised.

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