Teosyal Promotes Active Skin Cell Growth

2As we age we experience a decline in levels of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which is what gives our skin its fresh, plump appearance. In order to maintain a youthful look, it is advised to give your complexion a helping hand with the aid of a night peel that gently removes old skin cells allowing the fresh new cells beneath to flourish.

What makes the skin on the face different?

One of the most affected areas for skin cell damage is the face. Understandably, our faces are frequently exposed to irritation. Each day indoor and outdoor elements provide many aggravators including pollution and extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Our faces are most sensitive to these environmental changes and with time, age spots, dryness and a general lack of lustre will follow. Dead skin cells can block the pores, cutting off the ability for new cell growth to occur. A quality product that is able to exfoliate the top layer enables the fresh layer to be revealed.

Treatments to replenish your complexion

Teosyal Radiant Night Peel is made up of hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. Hyaluronan, or HA, contributes to cell migration and is widely used in skin tissue repair. However, hyaluronan stops producing when UV rays from the sun are allowed to penetrate the skin. Glycolic acid is a product made from chemical synthesis that is highly effective in removing dead skin cells from a surface. Together, these two active ingredients, contained in this product get to work to gently remove flaky cells and generate new ones.

Why are peels effective?

The reason that peels are used in the treatment of many skin conditions is so that the ingredients have a chance to sink into the pores of the outer skin. Whilst active ingredients are delivered to the targeted, underlying dermis, the firm consistency on the outside holds tight to exposed dead cells and removes them. The result is the removal of wasted cells and the uncovering of new, active cells. Women who spend hours in the sun are prone to have skin that ages prematurely due to the HA production slowing down, or completely stopping. This is why the face can take on a weathered, wrinkled effect. Teosyal Radiant Night Peel is a perfect solution to those that have this skin problem.

Available in two strengths, 10% and 15%, this product is to be applied at night after cleansing being careful to avoid the sensitive eye area. If you have thicker, more mature skin opt for the stronger product. There is no need for a further product on top. Use the contents of the product over the course of three to four weeks or until empty and witness the improved radiance of your skin.

Regardless of being a sun lover, or just a desire to keep your face as blemish free and smooth as possible, this peel delivers. Used nightly, your face will transform into a more youthful, healthy state. Regular sunscreen application is also recommended when using Teosyal Radiant Night Peel.

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